Telematic comtrol system (TCS) is a complitele automatic adapting module for control of a single piece or a system of lighting equipment with an option of programing for specific porposes with any algorithm and by any scenarious set by the user


  • Centralized automatic control of the light equipment system.

  • Adjusment, control and monitoring of each piece of lighting equipment, as well as of the system on the hole in the real time mode.

  • Programming of different scenarios for lighting equipment: temporary, seasonalastronomical time, sunlight brightness, etc.

  • Smooth control of lighting with no loss of the equipment efficiency under minimal power consumption.

  • Reception and transfer of data via the communication protocols from any sensor (motion, traffic intensity, illumination intensity, ecological parameters, security, fire alarm system, video surveillance) integrated in the piece of lighting equipment, as well as analysis and processing of received signals and its further division to the relative belonging.

  • Alarm system for lighting equipment failures and electric power leakages.

  • Prepares reports on power consumption for the power engineer's service.

  • Archiving of data about operation and power consumption of the whole complex of lighting during any period of time.

  • Full automatic controll of lighting equipment according to the last set algorithm.

  • The system is equipped with simple and convenient interface that does not require additional dedicated training of the service personnel.


  • TCS significantly improves power efficiency, reliability and quality of the object lighting, allows for recieving and transferring of data from the lighting equipment from any place in the world.

  • TCS system supports separation of its monitoring and control.

  • During system using, the lighting equipment pieces are plotted on the interactive map to simplify visualisation during monitoring.

  • The system allows for reducing the cost for lighting, controlling it, recieving reports on power consumption of both each piece of equipment, and of the whole complex of lighting during any period of time.

  • automated control ensures saving of consumed power up to 35% per year in relation to consumption dy LEDs with out TCS. 

  • TCS optimizes expenses for servicing and reduces production expenses in addition ut to 26% per year.